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About Us

With more than 10 years of history, Play the Game is your guide to the world of happy childhood. We have been entertaining our young and wild ones and little researchers with a variety of activities and toys that encourage creativity and global exploration.

Our mission - is to ignite the daily excitement of children by immersing them in thrilling adventures and delightful experiences. Play The Game toys are meticulously crafted with the sole purpose of being actively engaged with, rather than mere display pieces on a shelf.

Our extensive selection of toys for children of all ages is continuously revised and updated. You will find education and building sets for the youngest family members, fascinating role play and pretend play toys for girls and boys, fun and cooperative board games for the whole family and much more!

Our Advantages


Play The Game is an endless source of new, modern toys for kids of all ages.


We firmly believe that bright and exciting toys can be affordable.


For over ten years, we have delighted youngsters and their parents with a remarkable selection and one-of-a-kind pricing offers.

What Our Customer Say


I highly recommend Play The Game toys. My kid and I play them so often, and I can’t even say which one of us enjoys it more.


I often purchase Play The Game toys for my boy. They’re good-quality toys at fixed prices. My son loves them.


I’ve recently bought a Play The Game toy for my daughter. I definitely received my money’s worth — my little one’s overjoyed. All she ever does now is play with that toy. And it only cost me 99 rubles to make my moppet so happy!


Fascinating new toys and games by Play the Game won’t break your bank, and your little ones will be thrilled.

Natalia Gromova

Play The Game building sets are a must-have! They’re bright, colorful, suitable for children of different ages, so you can always pick one that will be right for your youngster. As a mother, it is my responsibility to ensure that my daughter develops while she plays, improving her creativity and reasoning.


Toys, toys, and more toys! Never seen such a wide range of original, exciting toys and games at such affordable prices!

Eva Sedova

My advice to all parents with small children! My little monster often breaks her toys, so Play the Game has become a real salvation for us, with no damage to the family budget. My daughter is pleased and happy!

Natalia Makhich

I was told at work to buy toys for children, but I had a pretty small budget. Play The Game simply saved me! I didn’t expect to see such a huge variety of educational toys, board games, cars, dolls, robots. Everything is so bright and interesting. The kids were happy!

Alyona More

If you’re looking for bargain-priced toys with benefits for your little one, check out Play the Game toys. A wide selection of bright and safe toys for boys and girls.


All Play The Game toys are cool and very reasonably priced. Similar toys by other brands are much more expensive.

Alyona Dubinina

Bath toys are a great solution to keep your baby busy while she’s taking a bath! They last long, and the price is just surprisingly low!

M. Kalinkina

I’m so eager to share my impression of a Play the Game puzzle. It has replaced many toys in our family! My little one adores playing with it and never gets bored, and it only cost me 199 rubles!

Tatiana M

Play The Game yet again pleased me with their educational set. It develops fine motor skills and imagination.

Lena Kratovskaya

I have a little boy, and when we go shopping for toys, he simply wants it all. The Play The Game range is our savior — I can always make my little woo-woo happy with new, fun toys without having to say no.